What We Do

At Preva we're dedicated to helping organizations - in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors - achieve large scale social change. We are working to improve the quality and timeliness of measurement to enable better decisions for practitioners and investors.  We do this by combining in-context strategic data planning with sophisticated analytics.  This requires a shift from measurement for compliance to measurement for impact decisions; from data collection as a tax on practitioners to value-add for practitioners.  These are fundamental shifts, not incremental, and require new methods.  This is why we are excited for this opportunity and also why we positioned our services in the following way.


Strategic Data Analysis

We believe in strategies and programs built on evidence, including measurement and analytics. We help organizations make meaning from their existing data to ask smarter questions and inform strategic decisions.   We collaborate with clients and partners to instrument program level plans, develop products to drive strategic objectives and orchestrate multiple party complex implementations. We team with innovative and leading partners who add  critical contextual knowledge, reliable and valid program evaluations.  

  • Data Analysis and Implications

  • Business Intelligence and Scenario Modeling

  • Investment Measurement



Strong underlying architectures at the market, enterprise and solution levels enable innovative approaches that help movements scale. New service based approaches enable new models to rapidly drive social change while effectively manage capital.

  • Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

  • Cloud Computing

  • Solution and Architecture Design, Development and Support



We help launch new programs and organizations who leverage data and technology to solve social issues not readily addressed by governments or traditional businesses.  

  • Digital Product and Program Management

  • Venture Advisory

  • Strategic Data and Technology Planning

  • Technology and Enterprise Architectures